This Site

This site was developed, using the Drupal Content Management Software.

It went live on June 2nd 2009.

The modules that are used on this site are:

  • Administration Menu
  • Advanced Help 
  • Calendar 
  • CKEditor
  • Content Access 
  • Custom Review 
  • Date
  • Draft 
  • Fivestar
  • ImageCache 
  • Lightbox2 
  • Printer, e-mail and PDF versions 
  • Quotes 
  • Rules 
  • Signup and add-ons
  • Token 
  • Views and add-ons 
  • Webform

The theme is based on acquia_marina. The integration of the logo from the previous site dictated the colourway and blended largely with the css of acquia_marina with only a few tweaks, comparatively. The blue-green-fuschia 'paua' scheme is dedicated to Viv.

The site was initially scaled back awaiting further information and clarification about potential modules for booking resources, book reviews etc. It is envisaged that members will in future commit articles of insight from their experiences - answering frequently asked questions, that add to the content and value of our community; along with other helpful features.


Update: July 2011

Our intention is to upgrade this site and migrate our Yahoo email group over to here, so you only have one place to log-in to, and we can concentrate on building a stronger network here.  We have had issues with messages posted to our Yahoo group not getting through and defeats the purpose of using it as a hub of communication.

We would like to update our calendar to include school and public holidays again as soon as we can find out if there continues to be a government website that hosts this service.

Under consideration is hosting a feed of our members blog posts and tweets, so we can see more of what each family is up to.  Drop us a line if you'd like to be included in this or have other ideas you think will work for us.