A Perfect Day

From an email group I was a member of:

Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:59:09 -0500

Re: discouraged?

A perfect day would mean I spent a full hour in prayer and another in the Word, I worked out for the third hour & everyone got up at the right time and made their beds without being told to.

We would keep our schedule all day long, no one would complain as they all joyfully attacked their school work.

We would light the fire and enjoy our Read Aloud for the day while they all played quietly at my feet. I wouldn't raise my voice or feel even one iota of irritation at them all day long. No one would disagree or argue. All the children would speak honoringly to me and to one another.

We would have deep discussions about what we had just read, including the 4 yr old.

No one would come over unexpectedly or call, interrupting school.

While I fixed dinner, they would create beautiful works of art while listening to Mozart and they would identify EVERY piece we listened to. Dinner would be right on time, not to mention perfectly healthy, and NO ONE would burp at the dinner table, including the dog.

We'd go to bed with a clean house, no dirty laundry but those we had just taken off, the toilets would all be cleaned and there would be fresh bread waiting to eaten for b'fast. =)

Nope, NEVER had one of those days!!) BUT we have had GOOD days. Really good days...but most of the time we just have days that have GREAT moments tucked into them.

If my children were at school, we wouldn't have those precious moments. AND if I'm wigging out over whether or not I'm getting it "all" done, I even miss the moments. (Yes, that IS the voice of experience! Sadly, I must confess.)

Because of the Cross!
Dawn Clark
wife to Jeff for 20 really short years, mom to 5 dd's and 1 outnumbered ds =) and a dog who does burp, frequently during our dinner hour.

[Published with Dawn's permission.]