Early Math

A Few Words About Unschooling Math by Luz Shosie

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE: Fingers & toes, pattern blocks, two by two, 4X4, narrow gauge, ruler, tape measure, scale, model, profit (loss), earn, spend, save, interest, checkbook, recipe, batting average, Captain May I? soccer, baseball, basketball, love, fault, birdie, strike, spare, first and ten, penalty box, map, compass, Pokémon, Candyland, Monopoly, Go, Chess, Sorry!, dominoes, dice, poker chips, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, graphs, charts, Origami, mileage, knit 1 purl 2, weave, weigh, motor, engine, pulley, ratio, odds, chances, statistics, average, more or less, even, odd, yards, N scale, circumference, volume, area, score, speed limit, braking distance, fourth dimension, sixth sense, Indy 500, build, plan, rate, estimate, predict, revise, garden, yardage, height, depth, angle, trade, straight, curve, spiral, high tide, low ball, tempo, quarter note, half pound, temperature, weather forecast, bargain, budget, price, half off, plus tax, sequence, seven percent solution, hundred percent markup, latitude, longitude, light years, escape velocity, precession of the equinoxes, range, set, stitch, sort, size, tally, calculator, plot, dozen, gain, lose, exactly, approximately, income, borrow, allowance, loan, design, diagram, knots, beads, gear ratio, minutes, degrees, timer, computer, fathoms, grid, meters, Anno, half pipe, quarter turn, double time, full bore, safe speed, turning radius, blocks, stacking, nesting, measure up, scale down, abacus, credit, debit, limit, infinity, first class, third rate, equal share, short shrift, waxing, waning, phase, rhythm, balance, cycle, magnitude, perspective, value, graph, apogee, perigee, frequency, rotation, revolution, dollars, cents, full deck, full house, double helix, time zone, millennium, program, binary, generation, epoch, era, nano second, code, puzzle, calendar, fiscal year, progression, midpoint, watts, lumens, horsepower, ohms, Hundredth Monkey, altitude, make change, Lego, shopping, Tangrams, Battleships, Fibonacci series, checkers, speed, height, width, length, volume, latitude, sphere, output, displacement, schedule, time limit, collection, add up, count down, age, four score, last full measure, census, Are we there yet? dance, a bushel and a peck, postage, efficient operation, elegant solution, gigabytes, google, Powers of Ten, increase, decrease, supply & demand, links, contour lines, Great Divide, Bingo! group, air pressure, count down, stock market, daily log, rent, bills, discretionary income, arc, geometric proportions, geologic time, navigation, Dewey Decimal System #510, stone circle, dosage, grams/ounces, meters/feet, 16 mm, 22 caliber, shutter speed, f stop, 20 pound test, dot-to-dot, orienteering, yield, squared, low bid, etc. etc. etc.