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Grades explained

The U.S. uses a grade notation and year naming system that is not well understood in other countries. Unlike other nations, Americans prefer to use ordinal numbers rather than cardinal numbers for grades in ordinary speech. Thus, when asked what grade they are in, a typical American child is more likely to say "fourth grade" rather than "Grade 4." The following is the typical ages and grade groupings in public and private schools. Many different variations exist across the country.

Level / Grade, Age: (Years old)
* Preschool, Nursery School, or Head Start; Under 5
* Elementary School
o Kindergarten: 5- 6
o 1st Grade: 6 -7
o 2nd Grade: 7- 8
o 3rd Grade: 8 -9
o 4th Grade: 9 -10
o 5th Grade: 10 -11
* Middle school or junior high school
o 6th Grade: 11 -12
o 7th Grade: 12- 13
o 8th Grade: 13 -14
* High school
o 9th Grade (Freshman year): 14 -15
o 10th Grade (Sophomore year): 15 -16
o 11th Grade (Junior year): 16- 17
o 12th Grade (Senior year): 17- 18
* College or University
o Freshman: 18 -19
o Sophomore: 19- 20
o Junior: 20- 21
o Senior: 21 -22

US-Based curriculum and Curriculum reviews (Usually cheaper to import yourself but I have mixed feelings about this company after our purchase)

General Curriculum Ideas
Memoria Press (<><)
Reader Rabbit CD Roms
Dorling Kindersley CDROMS: Learning Ladder (Maths and English)

Saxon (Neutral) )(if not Math-minded then Algebra ½ last book or Abeka Consumer Math, so 5/4 6/5 7/6)
(Placement test for Saxon at
Maths U See
Mathematics: Building on Foundations: (<><)
Maths Algebra 1 DVD programme
Abeka Math (<><)
Singapore Math
Alpha Omega Lifepac Math
'Unschooling' math (see below)

Language Arts/ English
Online book quiz site
Book report templates (Grammar)
LLATL (Learning Language Arts through Literature)
Five in a Row
Moore McGuffy Reader
Wordly Wise
SAT prep (Neutral)
Alpha Omega. (Computer version = Switched on Schoolhouse) or (<>< will import on behalf)
Progeny Press Study Guides.
Italics handwriting ( )
ABeka ( or ) (<><)
Bob Jones ( or ph 09 5358420) (<><)
Wordly Wise vocab book
Editor in Chief
PSU Italics Handwriting programme
“Listen My children, and you shall hear” Betty Lou Kratoville
English Year 9 workbook (Neutral)
Wordly Wise 300 vocab book (Grammar)
“Elements of Style” Strunk & White
Writing Strands
Daily Grams
Spelling Power (multilevel)
Jensens Format Writing
Skills for Literary Anglais (British literature)
“Writing for 100 days” Arquilevich (for a reluctant student?)
“How to read a Book” Adler + van Doren (examining worldview perspectives)
Books on Tape
Rod and Staff
“If You’re Trying to Teach Kids How to Write You’ve Gotta Have This Book” by Marjorie Frank(1-12)

Logic + Rhetoric
The Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox
Mind Benders (start at the beginning)
Building Thinking Skills (Grades 7 -12) (perhaps start with Book 3 Figural and Book 3 Verbal)
The Elements of Clear Thinking, William F McCart
Study Skills, Remedia Publishers
Outlining, Remedia Publishers

Spanish – Powerglide (Neutral)
Latin Henle 1
Prima Latina
Latina Christiana (<><)
Powerglide – German (Neutral)

Mavis Beacon (Neutral)

Diana Waring "Ancient Civilisations" and unit studies (<><)
Tapestry of Grace
Ancient men of Rome/Greece etc
Read (at own pace & with no writing/questions/tests), books from ABeka or Bob Jones (<><)
Read aloud historical fiction or biographies
Story of the World (and activity books)
Kingfisher History
Greenleaf Press

Christianity  "Thinking Like A Christian" (<><)
Bob Jones before & after they've read through their own Bible, & lots of discussion.(<><)

Insight's Accounting

Art Appreciation (sign up for weekly newsletter)

Spelling (all ages)
Please request the 2 additional documents we have for this- one to show you the whole idea being used and the other is a template to print off.

NB DO need good Maths to successfully study science
NB Do NOT need a lab to successfully study science at home
Comparison and supply website that has been helpful
Apologia (<><)
Astronomy – Carter Observatory online course
NB Most NZ published stuff needs a teacher/school lab.
Bob Jones University Press and Lionel Horton Ph 535 8420 (<><)
Abeka or Carol Ph 4103933.(<><)(4,5,6 are better–readers: general overview)
ACE Usually done as part of the whole ACE diploma. (<><)
Alpha Omega. Computer version is called SwitchedOnSchoolhouse. (USA) or (NZ)
 (Cheapest way to buy is usually via ? ) (<><)

Saxon Physics. GREAT book. (Neutral) Very thorough (includes Advanced level). Buy from Carol ph 4103933 or Info at

comparison and supply website that has been helpful

Other websites


Charlotte Mason


Printable worksheets