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Mail Order Video/DVD for those 'hard-to-find' classics etc (Video)

Balmoral Videon
654 Dominion Rd Balmoral Auckland
0-9-630 5063 (DVDS: this could be a little expensive depending on how many you rent?)

5+ a day Nutritional information and beautiful A4 posters of fruit and vegetables - primary and pre-school levels

CEF Childrens postal devotional club

Dayspring Christian Academy Stationery and Science Equipment

Netsafe Parent, Primary and Secondary Handouts

Land Transport Safety Authority Bike Safety Packet

Landcare Research New Zealand Limited PO Box 40, Lincoln 8152, Canterbury ,Canterburyphone: 03-325 6700 fax: 03-325 2127

Research about New Zealand’s natural and urban environment. Our web site provides many free teaching resources and information suitable for students of all ages. Topics covered are:biodiversity, ecosystems, biosecurity, sustainability, research, science, environment, animals, animal, plants, plant, fauna, flora, ecology, nature, native.

CD Cover Template to make your own CD Cover from A4 Card

Postal Sunday School Mission Childrens postal devotional club

New Zealand Hydrological Society Three A1 size posters: The Water Cycle, Where is Water, Who needs Water .

As a PDF from the website (left) or the set can be purchased for $22.50 (incl. GST and P&P) by emailing the Society Administrator or by mail to The administrator, New Zealand Hydrological Society, PO Box 12300, Wellington.

Meadowfresh Offered to send educational materials relating to nutrition and their products ie Calcium, Additives List, Recipes, Vitamins and Minerals, Reading Food Labels, 'From Mooo to You' (how cows turn grass into milk) poster etc.

Contact Sheena at Mainland Products Ltd 0800 CHEESE (0800 243 373) or Email

Kiwi Conservation Club A Forest and Bird affiliated family organisation who produce a magazine several times per year for children on NZ Flora and Fauna.

There are additional materials for teachers (contact KCC for password) on the website and available via mail.

The Forest and Bird Society are attempting to gear there local meetings to accomodate children and wanted to welcome more.

Police Education Kits

Copies of "Burglary Free" and both "Getting Help" and "Dare to Make a Choice" Kitsare now in our HE library.

"Burglary Free" is a book full of lesson plans and copysheets for primary and intermediate students.

"Getting Help" is about "Keeping Ourselves Safe" and has the guidebook as above for school years 0 -3, 4-6 and 7-8, a video and cassette tape and prompt cards.

"Dare to Make a Choice" is "A Drug Abuse Resistance Education Programme: for school years 5-8 and contains the guidebooks, 2 videos and prompt cards.

Most of each programme is meant to be implemented by the 'teacher' with minimal intervention from the Police. Having said that the Police Education Officer was willing to 'fit us in' as a group for those lessons that they would usually present to local schools.

Education Copyright - pdf What you are allowed to do