National Groups


NCHENZ has a list of various (geographical) homeschooling contacts throughout NZ (updating Aug 2009) so for now may I direct you to their site:

NZ Home Education Yahoo Email Groups (buy and sell curriculum and related resources. A word of caution: I unsubscribed as there was a lack of quality control and the person running it was unapproachable on 3 separate occasions.) (Home Education Foundation general discussion) (christian home educators) (Radical Unschoolers Aotearoa) (Educating from Home for NZ'ers) (home educators - not christian) (Nat. Council of Home Educators of N.Z) (NZ Unschoolers) (Charlotte Mason style)


To join a group (called subscribing) send an email to any of the addresses above.  You ought to receive a confirmation email saying you have successfully joined the group.  It will detail the address for contacting the list owner, how to send your own email to everyone on the list, how to leave from (unsubscribe) the group and a few other options if they are available.