Steiner & Waldorf Resources

Here is a start on where to look for Steiner and Waldorf resources, from a New Zealand perspective.

If you have something to add please let us know.

The first suggestions are from Cathy:

First stop would be Humanity Books - they sell a range of educational/teachers reference books and children's books, plus the Stockmar art materials needed for wet-on-wet painting and crayon drawing.

Taruna run an annual course on homeschooling and other courses of interest throughout the year:

In Australia, the only curriculum resource I know of currently is the "Golden Beetle" set of books by Alan Whitehead. Some people love these, and they do make interesting reading, however I'd have to say that they are not my idea of a curriculum, rather a teacher's notes and musings on teaching a class. My advice would be to try and get hold of a copy of one before purchasing to see if it's the kind of thing you want. The Golden Beetle website seems to have disappeared, but the books can be bought from:

Bob and Nancy's (above) are worth perusing because sometimes they will have curriculum materials at a lower price than purchasing direct from the supplier.

A good free resource (for anyone, not just Waldorf) is
You can read the books online, print them if you like or you can purchase a bound book.

The three main curriculum packages I know of are:
(Live! Education curriculum can only be purchased on a consultation basis.)

Also of interest is

This is a very expensive option, and only seems to go up to class 2 (age 8yrs).

A Little Garden Flower has a store. Much of what she sells can be sourced closer to home, however she has curriculum "guides" based upon what she has done with her own children which I have found useful. Her website has some useful information.

Those are the key sites I have used, and the following have also been useful: