The Application


August 2015: A homeschooling mum has written this guide (pdf download) to help with filling out the application in it's current form.


There are NO legal requirements or compulsory subjects!!

All you must do is "satisfy" the MoE that the child "will be taught at least as regularly and well as in a registered school". That is ALL the law requires.

The first question asks to explain your knowledge and understanding of the broad curriculum areas YOU INTEND TO COVER. Note: it is YOUR curriculum vision they want to see explained, not the MoE's. They want to read in your own words what YOU intend to do. Just think over the next year and describe that.

The list of subjects you'll see on the exemption application form is only a guide.

The second question wants you to take a topic of your choice: so look at one of the subject areas, break it down into sub-topics, then each of those into its component parts. Choose one of the sub-topics or component parts and describe a lesson plan over the next couple of months as to how you would go about presenting that topic: there are lectures, field trips, reading books, internet, projects, write a play, a poem, an essay, go talk to an expert, go to the library, etc., etc.

The question on assessments:-. Because you observe your child nearly all day, everyday, you know when the child has understood the material and when he has not. So you do an informal assessment based on intimate observation. That's all that's needed. You may do the odd oral quiz or written one you make up yourself. You may get a hold of formal tests which are available here or there.

Napier (local first-point-of-contact for the Application Pack) or DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Bower Building
19 Bower Street
PO Box 147
Tel: (06) 833 6730
Fax: (06) 833 6731

As at 30 June 2011, the contact person is Debbie.


Hamilton (where the application gets sent and processed)

Corner Victoria St & Marlborough Place
136 - 150 Victoria Street
Private Bag 3011
Tel: (07) 858 7130
Fax: (07) 858 7131
Fax: (07) 858 7132 (Network Division)

As at 30 June 2011, the contact person is Candida.