These are some of the activities we have run in the past.  It would need to be confirmed if a parent is actively championing them presently.


What: Gymnastics
Where: Hastings Central Primary
When: Friday
10-11 am 7 years and up
11-12 Under 7's

Who to contact: Helen



What: Swimming
Where: Onekawa Pools, Napier
When:Fridays (after lunch)
Every week

$1.10 per swim child
$2.20 $3.30 waterslide + swim child
$1.10 spectators adult
$1.10 swim adult
$4.40 swim + slide adult
Preschool child free with swimming adult

Who to contact:


Faraday Centre (for Science and Technology)

Once per term we book a workshop at the Faraday Centre, in Napier.  The children receive an introduction to the topic, and are left to fill in their worksheets/ experiment.

Co-ordinator: Catherine

[Also open day each month on the last Saturday from 9am - 4pm at 1 Faraday Street, Napier]


Parent Discussions

What do you want to discuss?

Run when there is interest, Mondays 7.17pm - 9/9.30pm

Co-ordinator: Catherine


Other Activities

By arrangement of parents

In the past these have been:

  • First Aid Workshop
  • Bush walks
  • Ballet performances
  • Fire station visit
  • Picnics
  • Sports days
  • Variety concert
  • Art classes
  • Woodwork classes
  • History study groups